Don’t alienate your mobile users!


You care about your business. You understand the value of feedback from your customers. You do your best to make sure their experience with you is the best that you can offer. You and your employees and/ or team pride yourselves on excellent custom service. If this is you, than ask yourself if you are making things easy on all of your users to your website.

Yes, you tell yourself that your site is awesome on your laptop or desktop computer but what about the mobile users? The smartphone market is expanding every day. About 7 years ago, a instructor of mine in a computer class, held up a phone and said "this is the true personal computer". This was before the smartphone revolution. Now with smartphones everywhere we are now seeing that that prediction as come true.

It's easy to tell ourselves that mobile users will just go to the desktop version of the site if they need to but, are we sure that they will? People are on the move and I can tell you from my own experience, most will not. They want the information right then and there and if they can't get it, they will most likely move on.

And this is the point that this post is trying to get at: don't forget about your mobile users! Your website should display in a mobile friendly way. Personally, every website I work on (unless I'm specifically told not to) is a responsive design. This means that it "responds" to the screen on your mobile phone. That usually means moving content around in a much linear fashion. This website itself is mobile if you are reading this on a "desktop" device. Those that are reading this on a mobile device already know what's up and I'm pretty sure they appreciate it.

The whole experience of designing a mobile website is an exercise in efficiency. The process make you prioritize your content and your goal. You are forced to work within a smaller space so a streamlined website is the final product if done right. I've talked in the past about the importance of learning, and learning to love it. It's important to understand where improvement can be made on your website. Take the time to understand what your users are looking for and ask yourself if you are serving them. If your not sure, use something like google analytics to tell you how many users are visiting your site from a mobile platform.

Another thing a mobile friendly website shows is an attention to detail. It shows that you've thought of various scenarios that people consume information from. I this can help strengthen their perception of you or their willingness to work with you. That could also be the deciding factor.

Once you train yourself to see through this lens you should be able to indentify your users and their needs which gives you an opportunity to serve them. You wouldn't leave money on the table, so don't forget your mobile users since they will play and increasing role in your business in the future.

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