The importance of getting involved

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I’ve been trying to focus on getting more involved in my development community. Not just the local community but also the world community. Some of the ways I’ve been able to do that is to help organize a local WordPress meetup, volunteering some time to spend on the WordPress forums, and just recently, volunteering some time to help out at the Seattle WordPress Wordcamp.

For me, it's been huge. When you get involved, you share your experiences by helping or teaching. When you teach, you learn. To go through the process of discussing a subject, you are forced to reflect on that subject and you may find that you are discovering details about it that were just under the surface for you. Also, other people's questions and observations can shake things up and make you look at the subject from a different angle.

So if you want to gain some new insight, get involved in the community. You won't regret it after you discover the benefits.

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Hey, I'm Jeff Freeman

A WordPress web developer from Peoria, IL who likes to travel, and enjoys coffee, craft beers, kung fu, biking and working on interesting projects.

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