Partner Up!


Have you ever had some great idea that you would like to do but not sure that you can pull it off? Maybe the idea is not too great but it is still something that you would like to pursue but there are some other things in the way of that idea that you might be clueless on how to get done. Sometimes the answer might be to find someone to partner up with for help.

With the right person, you can find someone to compliment you. Say your really great at being a cook and would love to open a restaurant but anything outside of cooking is just not appealing to you. In order to realize you dreams, you may want to find someone to partner with who is great at running the business part.

This strategy can apply with more than two people and in many different industries. I've had success with it when it comes to working on projects. I have a network of people that I partner up with on certain projects. Sometime specialists are needed to get an overall quality that may be difficult on your own.

You may find it difficult to find partners at first but there are resources that you can take advantage of locally. is a great place to network to find people to work with, share ideas, or just to socialize. There are a few choice meetings that I attend that let's me meet like-minded people and relationships happen fairly naturally from there. At a local WordPress meetup (which I am a co-organizer) I get a chance to meet local business owners, designers, developers and entrepreneurs. From that group alone I can choose to partner with someone on an idea if they can fill that role for me. I've also been approached by others looking to recruit someone for their project. And that is one meetup and their are several more like it from meetups geared more towards writers and some geared more towards entrepreneurs. A pool of knowledge and potential partners are out there if you go looking for them.

Also, remember that you don't have to be an expert in a field to add value to a team. You just have to be able to fill the role. You may find that you have the skill set to be that missing piece that someone or group is looking for so don't be afraid to get out there and explore the possibilities. You won't regret it. :)

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Hey, I'm Jeff Freeman

A WordPress web developer from Peoria, IL who likes to travel, and enjoys coffee, craft beers, kung fu, biking and working on interesting projects.

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