I challenge you to be uncomfortable

challengeUncomfortableWe’ve all been here before. The client/boss/person in charge says “Hey I saw this super cool whatcha-majig on a site while surfing the web and I think we need to do this!". So you say ok and take a look. It's something that you are not very comfortable with. Heck, maybe you have no clue about it. It may be using a javascript library that you have never used before or even a whole new language!

So the panic sets in and you wonder how your going to get the task done. Now I know that somethings take time and it may be beyond your skills right now but a lot of the times we are able to step up and use the situation as an opportunity to learn something new.

That means that you have to learn to be uncomfortable. That may be with the fact that you are scared to fail or scared that you may look silly while you try. Either way, you have to address the issue.

There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them. - Ralph Marston

Starting out, the task may seem like this giant mountain that can't be climbed. It's very easy to start coming up with tons of reasons why we can't do it. Do yourself a favor. Don't do it. Start breaking the task up into manageable smaller tasks and work on those. Once you complete the first task, the momentum and confidence will help you push through to all the other tasks.

This process most likely will push you in some uncharted waters. You should learn to accept it and learn to like it. I've broadened my developing skills by using this technique. It's forced me to play with new technologies that I may have not used because I had no real reason to use them. I've also developed my blogging skills by using this technique. Writing for me used to be a total chore and I felt very uncomfortable with it. Now I find that it helps me express ideas that I have or things that I may be working on. Writing things out is a very interesting exercise mentally. The process has proven to be very helpful to me and I'm always re-evaluating it, trying to make it better while enjoying the journey along the way.

So next time, don't be so quick to say "I can't". You may find hidden opportunities and embark on a rewarding experience no matter what the task may be.

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Hey, I'm Jeff Freeman

A WordPress web developer from Peoria, IL who likes to travel, and enjoys coffee, craft beers, kung fu, biking and working on interesting projects.

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