Bringing Value

When a potential client reaches out to me for some possible work, they are doing so because they have something that they need my services for. Now I know that sounds silly as it should go without saying but if you really think about it, they have problems and are looking for a competent person/company to solve it for them. That is how I look at it. I'm solving problems for them. If a client needs a website done, more than likely they need to get a domain name. If they tell me they do not have hosting, I can assist them on finding hosting that meets the requirements that they need.

There has been plenty of times while scoping out projects with clients, that we come across something in the project that was maybe unforeseen and they are stuck on how to get that done so we can't move on. This can be a great time to upsell a service or to charge more to provide the extra service that they need. When I first started to take client work on it was common for me to find out that they do not have hosting. For the first year of my business I would assist them on how to get hosting but then I started to realize that I could provide the hosting and create a passive income for me as well. I found the clients appreciated it since really the work is already done for them in the way that they don't have to choose a hosting company since they may not even understand what they need. They already trust me and I have now demonstrated value to them by removing these other issues that are in the way of their goal(s). They may view you as a consultant as well. It's very common for my clients or someone that I've done some work for in the past to reach out to me and ask me about a certain service, technology, or anything else that I may be able to assist them with. Why? Because again, they value my opinion.

This is not that difficult from my view because I enjoy learning so I am always advancing on some level. I'm working with the actual technology, I'm reading blog posts and I'm networking and socializing with people that have opinions that I value. As a matter of fact, I've pulled in some outside contractors that are specialists in their field to work on projects because their skill set is valuable to me. Networking is all about that.

Even an email that I get from a potential new client might be hinged around a particular question. This is an opportunity for me to bring value to them. This happens naturally if you truly can solve their issue. It sells itself as long as your able to communicate it well with them.

So remember the next time you get an email, receive a phone call or meet that person at the next social gathering. If they are in the market for any of your services put them at ease and let them know how you can bring them value by working with them and solving their problems. You both will benefit from the exchange.

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