Want to be more productive? Take a break!


Running a business is hard work. Heck just working a job is hard work. It takes a lot of effort to do it well. Let’s face it, some days you are easily distracted and you just don’t want to be there. Days like that you would be doing everyone (including yourself!) a favor by just taking a break. The thing is it’s true. When you don’t want to be there you tend to be unproductive. Now you can’t use this as an excuse to not work but sometimes it’s best to take a break. I code a lot at night and find myself trying to solve issues and sometimes I just hit a wall. Usually it’s because I’m tired and […]

Don’t put roadblocks in front of your users – streamline their experience!


Don’t you love starting complicated processes? No? Well your users don’t either. That’s why it’s important to make things easy for the users or your website. Years ago I read a book by Steve Krug called Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. The book taught me how to design for users to be able to complete a goal. It may be for them to read a blog post. It could also be to sign up for a newsletter. Or it could be to purchase an item. Any of these scenarios could be a potential bottle-neck that traps and confuses your users. We should be designing for children. Not necessarily children but at that mentality. Things […]

Don’t alienate your mobile users!


You care about your business. You understand the value of feedback from your customers. You do your best to make sure their experience with you is the best that you can offer. You and your employees and/ or team pride yourselves on excellent custom service. If this is you, than ask yourself if you are making things easy on all of your users to your website. Yes, you tell yourself that your site is awesome on your laptop or desktop computer but what about the mobile users? The smartphone market is expanding every day. About 7 years ago, a instructor of mine in a computer class, held up a phone and said “this is the true personal computer”. This was […]

Continued Learning And Learning To Love It


One thing I’ve realized by being a business owner is that you got to love learning (or at least like it). Think about some of the first deals you ever made. More than likely, they weren’t that great. Buy hey, hind sight is twenty-twenty. You now know that because you’ve learned a lot since then. You feel more confident in your decisions because if you are like me, you’ve made every mistake that can be made in your business or at least it seems like it. So it’s pretty safe to say that you’re now enjoying that education even though you paid for it by blood, sweat, and tears. “If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” – Zig […]

The value of having a (good) website


Working in web development, I’m always interacting with new potential clients. When we get together to discuss their project, it’s up to me to get the information that I need to understand the clients needs. I’ve found that quite a few do not know what they are really looking for. Sometimes they have very fixed ideas on what they want but when I probe deeper with my questions, they don’t have very good reasons to justify their decisions. It may be some cool feature that they saw and they would like something like it. I then take it upon myself to discuss the pros and cons of that feature. Most of the time I can talk them out of it […]

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