Giving Technical Presentations To A Non-Technical Audience


We’ve all had to do it. Well maybe not all of us but it helps to think we all had to do it while we are doing it. What is it? Giving presentations. Maybe you have been blessed with giving presentations to an audience whom may not be very forgiving to your message. It’s important to know who your talking to. I’ve written about this before. What happens when the subject matter is fairly technical and the audience is not? Too dry and you’ll hear them snoring and drooling. Too vague and you probably wasted their time and yours. Now there are lots of different styles to approaching this some may make light of the situation and some may be […]

Lessons learned by giving away work


Some times it’s tough to know what direction your code/design/project should take. One great way is to observe how it is used. When you do that you can also be gathering feedback. That feedback can be very valuable and can help you determine where to go next. What is the next feature that should be built? How will users use the new tool that we made for them? Will they even use it at all? All these are great questions and are difficult. Without feedback, they are almost impossible to answer. Now gathering feedback can be tough. It also depends on the nature of your project. Is it free or is it a premium service/product that people are paying for? […]

Bringing Value


When a potential client reaches out to me for some possible work, they are doing so because they have something that they need my services for. Now I know that sounds silly as it should go without saying but if you really think about it, they have problems and are looking for a competent person/company to solve it for them. That is how I look at it. I’m solving problems for them. If a client needs a website done, more than likely they need to get a domain name. If they tell me they do not have hosting, I can assist them on finding hosting that meets the requirements that they need. There has been plenty of times while scoping […]

Partner Up!


Have you ever had some great idea that you would like to do but not sure that you can pull it off? Maybe the idea is not too great but it is still something that you would like to pursue but there are some other things in the way of that idea that you might be clueless on how to get done. Sometimes the answer might be to find someone to partner up with for help. With the right person, you can find someone to compliment you. Say your really great at being a cook and would love to open a restaurant but anything outside of cooking is just not appealing to you. In order to realize you dreams, you […]

The Importance of Knowing Your Users


You know what I love to do? Go and speak with very technical people in a field that I know nothing about in the language of their profession to ensure I am utterly confused by what they are telling me. What’s that you say? You would hate that? Confession time: I hate it too. The thing is most of the time that would not happen because the professional that I am speaking with would (hopefully) explain to me what he/she is trying to say in language that I could understand. To do so otherwise would not be very effective of them. I try and keep this in mind when either writing for the web, consulting with clients, or just having […]

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