I challenge you to be uncomfortable


We’ve all been here before. The client/boss/person in charge says “Hey I saw this super cool whatcha-majig on a site while surfing the web and I think we need to do this!”. So you say ok and take a look. It’s something that you are not very comfortable with. Heck, maybe you have no clue about it. It may be using a javascript library that you have never used before or even a whole new language! So the panic sets in and you wonder how your going to get the task done. Now I know that somethings take time and it may be beyond your skills right now but a lot of the times we are able to step up […]

Security: Why You Need It


So you finally decided to build or re-build your website. That’s great…but now the work begins. You find a professional to help you build a site that fits your needs. You guys plan out the site, get the content for it and then decide on the design. You feel great and are ready to launch the site. Just one thing, have you been proactive in your development plans? Are you using some best practices? What about security? Security? Why do you need that? I mean, it’s expensive and it’s unnecessary. Who would want to hack our website? Well, plenty of people would. Instead of going into why let’s just be proactive and talk about how we might defend such attacks. […]

Fighting Impostor Syndrome


Have you ever been in a situation where you are speaking about a subject and then felt the sinking feeling of not being good enough to give the information? It’s like the little voice in your head is saying “You don’t know what your talking about and soon these people will find out.” If you have, then your dealing with Imposter Syndrome. You feel that your a fraud. A fake. A hack. Wikipedia defines Impostor Syndrome as this: A psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments. Despite external evidence of their competence, those with the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved. Proof of success is dismissed […]

I Blog Therefore I Am


The summer of 2013 I traveled to a computer convention centered around WordPress in Seattle called, wait for it…..WordCamp! Even though I’m a developer I still am interested in all aspects of building websites including content creation. There are usually two different “tracks” which tend to have two different audiences. One is more technical with the actual developing being the focus but the other tends to be more for content creators, entrepreneur, and other non-developing types. I usually am interested in both subjects so I have to decide which of the two talks at any given time is more important to me. I bring this up because the one that made the biggest impact on me was a talk called […]

Custom CMS vs WordPress?


I worked with a group recently who had to address the issue of moving forward in their business with regard to how to best work and service their clients. It seems that they were concerned about providing a level of work and they felt that only a custom CMS could do the job. Since I was asked about it, I told them what I thought. Now I’m a huge fan of WordPress and they knew that. Therefore you could imagine my response. To be fair it was not that easy. I do believe the right tool for the right job. To find out exactly what “the job” is, I had to start probing with questions. I started asking them who […]

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