I Blog Therefore I Am


The summer of 2013 I traveled to a computer convention centered around WordPress in Seattle called, wait for it…..WordCamp! Even though I’m a developer I still am interested in all aspects of building websites including content creation. There are usually two different “tracks” which tend to have two different audiences. One is more technical with the actual developing being the focus but the other tends to be more for content creators, entrepreneur, and other non-developing types. I usually am interested in both subjects so I have to decide which of the two talks at any given time is more important to me. I bring this up because the one that made the biggest impact on me was a talk called "Write or Die" and it was given by Scott Berkun.

In it he talked about the value of writing/blogging and some of the struggles he has dealt with in pursuing a standard. I listened and saw myself being described in his stories. The idea of that we think that no one wants to hear what we have to say or even bigger, we have nothing to say at all. Well, none of that is true. No matter what, there is an audience out there for you. You may have to find it and they may have to find you but there are people that can relate.

One thing that inspired me to begin writing is that he addressed the fear we all have or have had: we are not good enough. His answer was just to do it. Hit publish. No one will read it anyways so get that fear out of the way. Now people may read it but the point that I took away is that no one is judging us so let's get it out of the way.

Every journey begins with a single step.

This is so true. Once I took the leap and got that mental block out of the way, I was able to pursue ideas without fear. One other reason I write is that it has become a challenge for me. I've spoke with other developers who blog and talk about the whole exercise of blogging. The process of picking a subject, articulating your thoughts, and pushing through to the other side which leaves the process just as rewarding to you as it is to others that may read it.

Another side effect I've noticed is that over time you can position yourself as an authority on a particular subject. If I'm able to write about something and can create great comments and dialog then I'm able to learn something. This also works well of course for SEO purposes. If others are interested in that particular subject they may find my blog post or they may share it with others. I feel that there is always something to learn is a situation if we look hard enough at it. It takes some work to find that usually but it's there.

So in the end, blogging has helped me express myself to others and to myself. It has given me clarity in the exercise of writing out my thoughts. It has helped me reach out to others and it has helped me help them by sharing knowledge no matter how limited it is.

If you blog, how has it helped you? If you don't blog yet, imagine how it will help you when you start?

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Hey, I'm Jeff Freeman

A WordPress web developer from Peoria, IL who likes to travel, and enjoys coffee, craft beers, kung fu, biking and working on interesting projects.

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